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Radogno measure will help law enforcement prevent illegal guns from entering Illinois

Springfield – Preventing guns from entering Illinois illegally to be sold on the black market is the aim of a bill championed by Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont).

House Bill 6303 creates the firearm trafficking offense, which will give local police and prosecutors an additional tool to help combat gun violence and the illegal gun market. 

“Each year, Chicago continues to lead the nation in firearms recovered by law enforcement that are either illegally possessed, or used in the commission of a violent crime,” said Radogno.  “In 2010, approximately 60 percent of firearms recovered from crime scenes in Chicago were originally purchased outside of Illinois.  This has to stop, and this measure will go a long way in ensuring our communities remain safe.”

Radogno notes that these statistics demonstrate an alarming trend—that people who cannot purchase guns in Illinois are going to other states with more lax background check requirements in order to bring them back to Illinois. These illegally transferred guns then are used in the acts of violence occurring each and every day in Illinois.

“It’s important to note that this measure does not apply to law-abiding citizens, it only targets those gun traffickers who cannot legally possess a firearm,” said Radogno.  “There is no opposition for pro-gun groups on this matter either, which is a testament to the importance of this measure.”

House Bill 6303 received unanimous support in the Senate and now goes back to the House of Representatives for final legislative action.

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