About Senator Radogno


Christine Radogno is the Senate Republican Leader, and first female Caucus Leader in General Assembly history. She began her third term as Senate Republican Leader in 2013.

She has served in the Illinois Senate since 1997, and she currently represents the 41st District in DuPage, Will and Cook Counties.

Sen. Radogno is a sitting member on the Senate Executive Committee.


Leader Radogno is a leading state budget expert, having served as the budget negotiator for the Senate Republican Caucus. In 2011 she was a key figure in the workers’ compensation negotiations that led to the most significant reforms to the state’s system in decades. She continues to work on workers’ compensation reform, while also tackling the complicated issue of public employee pension reform.

Leader Radogno has been a long-time advocate for ethical and fiscal reforms in Illinois state government, actively working to promote debt responsibility, and to restore discipline and accountability to the state’s borrowing and contracting practices.

Her human services background has reinforced her dedication to fostering a responsible health care system in Illinois. Radogno has sponsored Medicaid Reform legislation advocating common-sense changes to Illinois’ public health system.


Before running for the Senate, Christine Radogno served as Village of LaGrange trustee (1989-1996). Prior to her experience as a trustee, she worked as a social worker at Mercy Center for Health Care Services.


Senator Radogno has received numerous awards throughout her legislative career, particularly awards honoring her commitment to health care and human services, economic development and Illinois agriculture.


Senator Radogno was educated in the Chicago area. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University, Chicago, and a Bachelor’s degree from Loyola University. She graduated from Lyons Township High School.